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    I'm Dr. Nanetta Payne, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Coach, and Minister of Spiritual Consciousness. I support individuals heal their wounded hearts, create radical shifts in consciousness, and boldly manifest their dreams.


    I have worked domestically and internationally to promote conscious living. I received my doctoral training from Jackson State University and completed my internship and residency from Brown University Medical Center. I am currently enrolled in the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development (IVISD) Ministerial Program, founded by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant.


    I integrate evidenced based practices, universal laws, spiritual principles & practices to support transformation & full self-expression.


    I am deeply honored to be a lightworker and guide others along their Magnificent Journey of Awakening!!










  • Coaching Program(s)



    My Coaching Programs have been carefully crafted to support you in removing the veil to what has been laying dormant-your True Self, your Authentic Self, your Magnificent Self!!


    Of the 7 billion people on the planet, there is only One YOU!!


    Did you know that there is absolutely no one in the entire Universe who has the Power to Express, LOVE, & Create exactly as You?


    YOUR ABILITY to EXPERIENCE the Life of your DREAMS, is a Function of your WILLINGNESS to:


    Make PEACE with Yourself

    As you make peace with yourself, you will begin to accept the experiences along your unique journey as part of your Soul’s plan of Awakening.


    LOVE Yourself -without conditions

    When you are in a state of LOVE, you are in perfect alignment with Source, Divine Creativity, and Unlimited Possibilities. It is from this state of consciousness, that desires are fulfilled and Dreams are manifested!


    Accept that GREATNESS resides within You & wants to express through you in a way that has never been expressed before!!

    You are an individualized expression of the Greatest Possibility. The only thing that stands in the way of this Power being unleashed-is You!


    I am honored to guide you along your beautiful LOVE VOYAGE. As we sail together, it is my intention that you will rediscover the LOVE, POWER, and DIVINITY within You.


    YOU were born to live Boldly, experience life Passionately, and express Unapologetically the fullness of your Authentic Self.


    If you are ready & willing to expand your Vision of yourself and Experience Life more Abundantly, complete a consultation form and contact me at: nanetta.payne@gmail.com
















  • Say I Do...To You

    A Sacred Self-Marriage Ceremonial Retreat

    December 26-28, 2017

    Bali, Indonesia


    8 Beautiful Women will feast in Mind, Body, and Spirit and Say I Do...to themselves
    in the Paradise Island of Bali, Indonesia.
    The Wedding Retreat is a Celebration & Declaration of Your Sacred Yes to YOU.


















    Hotel Accommodations: The Sankara Resort-Ubud