Dr. Nanetta Payne


    I help very successful women who look like they have it all together but feel like things are falling apart on the inside create an Unapologetically Authentic life.

















  • I'm Dr. Nanetta Payne


    a Transformational Life Coach


    a Licensed Clinical Psychologist


    Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness


    Author, Inspirational Speaker, & Teacher


    I received my Doctoral Training from Jackson State University.


    My Internship and Residency was completed from Brown University Medical Center.


    My Ministerial Training was completed at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development (IVISD), founded by

    Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant.

  • Coaching with Dr. Nanetta Payne



    I Offer Exclusive Private Coaching to Successful Women


    I Teach them how to boldly, reclaim their Life, their Power, and their Bliss.....


    I Create the Space.


    I Bring the Tools and Skills.


    I Hold a VISION for my Clients BEYOND their Wildest Dreams.


    I Stand With and For them Every Step of the WAY.





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  • Say I Do...To YOU

    The LOVE PROJECT Retreat
    Commitment Ceremony

    Dates (COMING SOON)

    Bali, Indonesia


    Feast in Mind, Body, and Spirit
    in the Paradise Island of Bali, Indonesia
    The Love Project Retreat
    is a Celebration of Your Sacred Yes


















    Hotel Accommodations: The Sankara Resort-Ubud